01. Middle Eastern falafel with tzatziki dip (5 pieces)Veg 5,95 
Chickpea & garlic spiced patty with a cooling cucumber & mint tzatziki dip

04. Crispy tandoori frittersVeg 6,75
Crispy cauliflower & zucchini bites of cajun spiced fritters served with Dedos white sauce & red onion

05. Southern fried buttermilk chicken tenders 7,50
Bite size chicken pieces with our signature Dedos white sauce and red onion

07. Mexican cheesy chili beef nachos 8,95
Topped with lightly spiced guacamole, cheese sauce & jalapeños


19. Dedos vegan burger Veg 8,50
Vegan lentil burger with quinoa, rocket, tomato, caramelized red onion and chimichurri dressing

21.Super food bowl Veg 8,50
Mixed salad leaves, avocado, red and white quinoa topped with carrot slivers, chickpeas, cucumber & egg with a sesame seed oil & soy rice vinegar dressing.
Add chicken breast + 2,00 


65. Philly rib eye steak soft sub 8,95
Sliced rib eye, green peppers, red onion & mushrooms finished with provolone cheese


Our gourmet burgers are made in our very own butchers Meat boutique, Never frozen, always fresh

97. El Mexicano – 🌶🌶🌶 Limited edition gourmet burger 8,50
100% fresh ground Beef patty smashed into two and topped with melted cheese & jalapeños.  Served on a bed of spicy chilli con carne, grilled bell peppers and smooth guacamole.  CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

71. Dedos classic cheese burger 7,75
Lettuce, tomato, molten American cheese, onion & tomato ketchup

72. Double smash burger 8,50
Two smashed burger patties with melted edam & cheddar cheese, gherkin, iceberg lettuce & Dedos white sauce

73. Crispy Fried Chicken burger 7,95
Buttermilk marinated chicken breast with crisp garden lettuce, onion & dedos white sauce

74. Flame grilled BBQ bacon burger 8,25
With crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, char-grilled BBQ onion, lettuce & tomato

75. Mushroom & Italian cheese burger 8,25
Beef patty with Italian melted provolone cheese, onion, portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomato & Dedos white sauce.

Add extra burger patty + 3€ / Gluten free bread + 1€


96. Tender fillet steak (220g) 16,50
Prepared over a charcoal grill for a deep flavour

32. Chimichurri rib eye (220g) 14,95
Tender buttery steak with a latin American drizzle and a dedos twist

Dedos mixed grill for two (for 2 people) 19,95 pp
Chimichurri Rib Eye steak (220g)
Tender buttery steak prepared over a charcoal grill with a Latin American drizzle
Rack of BBQ ribs
Tender ribs with a deep smokey BBQ flavor
2 grilled Polish sausages
Southern fried buttermilk chicken tenders
Onion rings
2 Grilled corn on the cob’s


33. Grilled maple syrup salmon (220g) 13,90
Fresh salmon fillet chargrilled with a touch of maple syrup.


8 hours low and slow cooked. Finished on the grill

52. American style BBQ 9,95
Tender ribs with a deep smokey BBQ flavour

53. Thai sweet chilli, lemon grass & lime 9,95
Spicy with fragrant lemon grass & lime

1. French fries Veg 2,95

82. Cajún herbed fries Veg 3,10

90. Onion rings Veg 3,95

Add a little extra

85. Dedos rosé coleslaw Veg Small 2,75 / Large 3,75

86. Guacamole Veg Small 2,75 / Large 3,75

87. Corn on the cob Veg Small 2,75 / Large 3,75

83. Dedos house salad Veg Small 2,75 / Large 3,75

76. BBQ1,50

77. DEDOS white1,50

78. Thai chilli2,00

91. Chilli cheese friesSmall 4,50 / Large 6,95
Chilli con carne, cheese sauce, jalapeños, Dedos sauce & spring onion

92. Chicken tijuanas friesSmall 4,50 / Large 6,95
Chicken breast, cheese sauce, tandoori mayo, guacamole & coriander

94. Halloumi wedges Served with sweet chilli sauceSmall 4,50 / Large 6,95

Mini burger 4,95
Served with french fries & corn on the cob

Chicken fingers 4,95
Served with french fries & corn on the cob

Chicken breast 4,95
Served with french fries & corn on the cob

Falafel Veg 4,95
Served with french fries & corn on the cob

Warm Cookie & Ice Cream 4,95
Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate

Dedos Chocolate Brownie 4,95
Served with creamy vanilla ice cream

Creamy Ice Cream 3,25
2 scoops

Ice-cream Sundae 3.50

01. Banoffee 6.95
Milk, vanilla ice cream, toffee, banana, chocolate, cream

02. Choco Cookie 6.95
Milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookie, cream, chocolate sprinkles

03. Strawberry Doughnut 6.95
Milk, vanilla ice cream, strawberry purée, strawberry doughnut, cream, sprinkles

Mango Dreams 7,45
Malibu, Passoa, mango, pineapple, crushed ice, grenadine

Piña Colada 7,45
Rum, Malibu, coco purée, pineapple juice, vanilla ice cream

Strawberry Daiquiri 7.70
Bacardi rum, strawberries, lime juice

Tropical Thunder 7,45
Vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice, watermelon, lemon juice

Kahlua & Vodka Espresso Martini 7,45
Vodka, kahlua coffee liqueur, sugar, shot of espresso

French Kiss 7,45
Vodka, pineapple juice, blackberry liqueur

Red Sangria 12,50 1ltr
Lillet blanc, brandy, passoa, orange juice, violet syrup, red wine, sprite, chopped fruit

White Sangria 12,50 1ltr
Lillet blanc, brandy, passoa, orange juice, violet syrup, white wine, sprite, chopped fruit

Pink Grapefruit Sangria 12,50 1ltr
Pink grapefruit syrup, rosé wine, sprite, fruit

White Wine

House wine bottle 16.00
House wine glass 4.20

Red Wine

House wine bottle 16.00
House wine glass 4.20

Rose Wine

House wine bottle 16.00
House wine glass 4.20


1/2 Pint Amstel 1.90
Pint Amstel 3.00
Heineken 3.00
heineken 0,0% 3.00
Dorada 3.00
Corona 4.00
Budweiser 4.00
Strongbow 4.00

Soft drinks

Water 2.25
Coca Cola 2.25
Coca Cola Light 2.25
Coca Cola Zero 2.25
Fanta Naranja 2.25
Fanta Limon 2.25
Sprite 2.25
Nestea 2.25


Orange 2.25
Apple 2.50
Mango 2.50
Pinapple 2.50

*IGIC not included

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